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Jay Leno Drives Hot Wheels Darth Vader Car

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As you get bigger, Hot Wheels cars get smaller. This is why Jay Leno asked the toy car manufacturer to bring in a car that would be more his size. Did they deliver? Yes, young Jedi (or Sith), they did.

More specifically, Bryan Benedict, Senior Staff Designer at Hot Wheel, delivered.

Benedict brought over a real-life, working Darth Vader car, built on a Chevrolet Corvette chassis, to Leno’s garage.

Essentially, the car is what would happen if you took Vader’s helmet and morphed it into a car, with appropriate design cues mixed throughout. For example, if you look at the side exhaust pipes, they look quite a bit like the Sith Lord’s lightsaber. Also, on the hood is the control panel unit found on the big man’s chest.

Does its engine sound like Vader breathing when it starts up? That would be amazing, but of course not. How in the world could you get the exhaust to sound like the iconic respiration of Vader? That being said, they did include some speakers that put out the sound of his breathing on command.

Billy Hammon, the builder of the car, also showed Leno around the car, showing him the intricacies of the engineering found within the car, like the mechanism created to get into the car.

Check out the video below to see just how awesome a life-size Hot Wheels Darth Vader car really is.

(Source: YouTube)