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Jay Leno Drives Doc Brown’s DeLorean

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If you need to alter your past or future, a time-traveling DeLorean is the only logical choice. Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis wrote the “Back to the Future” trilogy, but the time machine was originally written to be a vintage Hot Point refrigerator.

Their script was rejected 40 times by all major studios until they made a few changes. When John DeLorean was entrapped by agreeing to move cocaine to finance his car business, DeLorean became the perfect car to sacrifice in order to change the past and future. By the late 90’s the original cars were in rough shape, being used as props for Universal Studios’ Back To The Future rides.

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At a DeLorean meet, Mr. Gale met Terry Matalas and Joe Walser who agreed to build a faithful replica of the movie car. The only surviving original is now part of the Petersen Museum, the second movie car was hit by the freight train at the end of the 3rd film.

So Bob and his team set out to build a faithful replica. Jay Leno was curious about their project, so he invited the team to his garage. Joe spent many nights sneaking into Universal to study the original and lamenting its neglect. If you are a fan of the films, this car is available for promos and special events. Are you reading this Huey Lewis? Have a great Monday and stay with us for more updates from Jay Leno’s Garage.

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