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Jason Statham’s 2014 Ferrari F12berlinetta For Sale

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Being one of the most popular actors on the big screen has its perks, and fancy Ferraris are certainly at the top of the list. Jason Statham and his Girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley became parents in 2017, so 2-seat cars became unpractical. Even though Jason Statham’s Ferrari F12berlinetta was ordered with $130,626 in custom options, a baby seat is not among them.

So our friends at West Coast Exotic Cars are offering this gorgeous & unique 2014 Ferrari F12berlinetta for sale. It might look like normal Grigio paint at a distance, but Tailor-Made upped the metal flake to develop Grigio Titano Metallizato. The body was blessed with several stages of base & clear and color sanded to perfection.

We would usually list the options if it was a normal F12berlinetta. But being a savvy buyer, Mr. Statham’s ride has everything. This car has AFS lighting to an Alcantara trunk with every possible customization. It has a window sticker of $446,514, which makes it among the most expensive F12berlinettas ever produced. With only 20,929 miles on the clock, it is a bargain at $229,990, West Coast Exotic Cars is located in Murieta, California, so click the link below for all the information.