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Gymkhana Seven: Wild in the Streets of Los Angeles

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Just released today is the latest from Ken Block in his “hooning” series: Gymkhana Seven.

Uploaded today by the channel “The Hoonigans,” this video stars Block driving the world’s first all-wheel drive 1965 Ford Mustang notchback, the Hoonicorn RTR. Block takes the new drift car through Los Angeles, passing by a white Bronco being tailed by police, under a hydraulic-powered lowrider, through the streets of China Town and around other landmarks of the city.

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Not only is the one of the few chances you get to see someone drift through L.A., but also the one time you will the city with traffic-less streets.

Check out the video above to see the new and insane Gymkhana Seven.

(Source: Hoonigan / Facebook)
(Source: Hoonigan / Facebook)

(Source: The Honnigans / YouTube)