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Gravity Payments’ Employees Buy CEO a Tesla Model S

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Before you cry foul at employees buying a CEO a car, you have to learn about this company’s situation first.

Dan Price is regarded as one of the world’s greatest CEOs after he announced that he would pay his employees at Gravity Payments a minimum salary of $70,000. What’s more, he even dropped his own compensation down to $70,000 in order to make up for the increased wages. Since this change in pay, Price has been all over the news, urging other companies to follow suit.

With the drop in pay, it’s natural to think Price wouldn’t be out picking up new cars left and right, and would stick to more practical means. But, thanks to his employees, he now has a new car– his dream car, in fact.

Today, Dan Price posted on his Facebook page that his employees had saved up and pitched in over the past six months in order to by Price his very own blue Tesla Model S. He had this to say in the Facebook post:

“Shocked. Still in disbelief. Never imagined this was possible. Gravity employees saved up and pitched in over the past six months and bought me my dream car. A brand new, gorgeous blue ‪#‎Tesla‬. Still in shock. How do I even begin to say thank you?”

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