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The Grand Tour Trailer is Everything We Missed About Top Gear and More

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Were you left inconsolable when Jeremy Clarkson and team left Top Gear? Did you try to find alternatives but were left with an empty feeling that only Jezza, Hamster and Captain Slow could fill? Were you scared that The Grand Tour wouldn’t live up to the hype? Don’t worry, because the official trailer for the new show has been released and it looks to be everything that we’ve been hoping for.

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In The Grand Tour we’ll be getting the same humor that we’ve come to know and love from the trio, as well as skilled driving, fast cars and the occasional stall out in an Aston Martin Vulcan. Unfortunately, the Dacia Sandero made no appearance in the trailer. To make up for the legendary car’s absence is the production quality, which is better than ever before.

Click play below to see what you can expect from the season, which starts November 18. If you still need an Amazon Prime membership to watch it, click the button below.

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