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Gordon Ramsay on Ferrari: Many Similarities Between Fine Cars & Fine Cuisine

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Gordon Ramsay is an unabashed fan of Ferrari, clearly demonstrated by his ownership of their flagship supercar, the Ferrari LaFerrari.

The celebrity chef recently took a trip to Maranello to visit the marque’s headquarters, and while there drew quite a few similarities between his passion for fine foods and the incredible cars produced by Ferrari. As a Nov. 5 press release shared, he focused first on the fact that both he and Ferrari “focus on continual innovation or ‘being the market leader, becoming creative and not sitting down on your laurels’.”

Ramsay was recently spotted in London taking his LaFerrari out for a drive, and a video of him testing out the new 488 GTB was shared by Ferrari on Oct. 16. But in his latest show of love for the prancing horse, he’s posing with a stunning blue California T.

As for the other ways Ramsay sees himself and Ferrari as being similar, he sees versatility in both parties, as well as “the ability to see what no one else can see and to deliver excellence.”

See the photos of his trip and video of his 488 GTB test drive below, then find your own Ferrari for your collection from our exclusive listings.

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(via Ferrari, YouTube)

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