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Google Vice President Shows Off His Cars

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Benjamin Sloss Treynor is the Vice-President of Google. He is a man of intelligence, money and a fine taste in cars. In his spare time, he posts on car forums under the name ‘treynor’. Unfortunately for him, some people think he really isn’t the Google exec he says he is, like a user on certain forum.

So, he asks ‘treynor’ to post a picture of his McLaren MP4-12C with a loaf of bread on it. Most would ignore the request, but not Treynor. He goes a step further.

Here is his English MP4-12C with English Crumpets on top.
Here is his American Ford Raptor with New York Rye Bread on top.
And finally, his Italian Ferrari 458 with Italian bread atop.


Now that is how you verify yourself.


[Source: Jalopnik]