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Floyd Mayweather’s Multi-Million Dollar Car Collection

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World champion boxer Floyd Mayweather has been active on social media this week, posting images of just how extravagant his life is to his Facebook and Instagram pages.

The first image, posted Jan. 5 and seen above, shows off just a portion of his car collection, but this portion is anything but paltry. From left to right, here are the cars and their prices:

A video posted the next day shows Money Mayweather walking in front of that line of cars, All Eyez On Me playing as it cuts at 15 seconds on a shot of three Rolls-Royce’s in front of his private plane.

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The third post went up today, and focused in on the three Bugattis in front of his private plane. “$6,200,000 spent for just 3 cars that don’t depreciate, only appreciate,” read the caption, before listing off the details and price of each Veyron.

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But, Mayweather is known for having an incredible collection of cars. In fact, he was featured on the cover of our Feb. 2014 issue.


Which car do you think Floyd “Money” Mayweather should add to his collection next? Let us know in the comments below.

(Source: Facebook, Instagram)

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