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Floyd Mayweather’s Car Collection Introduced by Bruce the Driver

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From Bugattis to Enzos, to miscellaneous Rolls-Royces, Floyd Mayweather’s car collection has it all. As he told us in an interview last year, his passion for fine cars comes from his childhood, and there’s a collection to match each of his homes.

So how does he keep each of his invaluable toys in perfect working order? With some help from Bruce “The Driver” Miller. A March 27 video from Mayweather Promotions gives us a chance to meet the man behind the cars, as well as take a closer look at a few of Floyd’s favorite toys.


As Bruce describes, he’s the one responsible for keeping Mayweather’s fleet well maintained and ready to roll at any time, because each car gets a chance to hit the road pretty regularly, and you never know which car Floyd will be in the mood to drive. “If he thinks you know which car he’s gonna drive, he’s gonna change it,” says Miller. After all, when you have the option of taking out anything from a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Convertible, to Floyd Mayweather’s limo, why limit yourself to just one daily driver?

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The Champ himself is preparing for the fight of the century, where he’ll take on Manny Pacquiao in what may be the single most highly-anticipated boxing match ever. Scheduled for May 2, TMZ reports that ringside seats are selling for $87,000 each, while a Feb. 20 Forbes report tells us that Mayweather is set to make around $150 million for the event, which will be history’s richest boxing match.


Which cars do you think he should consider adding to his collection with the windfall from this upcoming legendary event? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out our full interview with Floyd Mayweather and exclusive gallery by Dave Nickerson | Nue Vue Photography by clicking here.


Full Gallery & Exclusive Interview

(Source: YouTube, Forbes, TMZ)

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