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Floyd Mayweather Buying Two Supercars, Aims for $30 Million Car Collection

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Famous boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is looking to increase the value of his car collection by a few million with the addition of just two cars.

TMZ Sports reported Oct. 21 that Mayweather is very close to acquiring both an Aston Marton One-77 and a Pagani Huayra. According to the article, these cars have a price tag of around $3 million each. But, this multi-million dollar supercar acquisition is just the tip of the iceberg for Mayweather.

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“Floyd’s car collections is worth about $16 million right now and he wants to push it up to $30 million, and the biggest challenge for me is to find him very special unique cars,” Obi Okeke, co-owner of Fusion Luxury Motors, told TMZ Sports. “So these two cars I’ve been working on getting for a while and they showed up in my showroom yesterday.”

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Yes, you read that correctly: Mayweather wants to essentially double the value of his car collection. And the examples he’s about to acquire are stunning; Fusion Luxury Motors shared a few images of them on their Facebook page Oct. 21 and 22, with the caption of one reading, “‘LANDED’ – ONE-77.”

What will he purchase after these cars? Who knows, but we know they will be some high-ticket items.


(Source: TMZ Sports, Facebook)

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