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Flo Rida’s “Tron” Bugatti Veyron Spotted in South Beach

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Rapper Flo Rida is the proud owner of a Bugatti Veyron, and loves changing up its appearance with a stylish wrap. One of his most notable wraps in the past was a golden one completed by Metro Wrapz of Hollywood, Florida. Now, he has gone back to the same shop to have it wrapped in a “Tron-like” theme to promote his upcoming album, “G.D.F.R.” (Goin’ Down For Real).

The reflective blue pin-striping against the black gives off a very “electric” feel that is sure to turn some heads. In fact, the car was recently spotted by YouTube channel Another Way of Life, who uploaded a video of it Oct. 28. This video can be viewed above.

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Below are some images of the Veyron by Metro Wrapz, which were uploaded to their Facebook page Oct. 22.

What do you think of his latest wrap? Is it a hit or miss? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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(Image Source: Metro Wraps / Facebook)
(Video Source: Another Way of Life / YouTube)

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