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First Ferrari FXX K Reportedly Sold to Google Exec

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An unimaginable improvement over the already potent LaFerrari, LaFerrari FXX K has been stirring up automotive enthusiasts in all corners of the internet since its unveiling Dec. 2. Only 32 will be produced, and every example sold out before it was unveiled, leaving everyone wondering who the fortunate 32 are.

Today, it seems as though the first buyer has been discovered. Notorious gearhead Benjamin Sloss, Google Vice President, reportedly posted a picture to his Instagram account (@yonly65) of his wife Christine in the driver’s seat of an FXX K at its official debut at the 2014 Ferrari Finali Mondiali in Abu Dhabi.

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According to an article posted today by TheSuperCarKids, Sloss “announced that he bought one of the 32 units, so that he and his wife can race at the same time.” The image seems to have been removed from Sloss’ Instagram account, but was published in TheSuperCarKids’ article, and does appear to show Christine Sloss behind the wheel. There is a picture from the Dec. 3-6 event still active on his account, posted Dec. 4, which you can see below.

Be sure to stay with us for more information as it is released about the FXX K and Sloss’ purchase.

A photo posted by Ben (@yonly65) on

(Source: TheSupercarKids.com)

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