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Ferris Bueller’s Ferrari up for Auction

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Ferris Bueller, a name that conjures up images of his shenanigans, white lies, and that red Ferrari. Some people might cringe at the mention of the iconic red Ferrari, as it was depicted as being completely totaled in the movie, however fans will be relieved to know that it was merely a fiberglass shell that was sacrificed. The real replica Ferrari 250 GT Spider survived, well mostly. Three were built for use in the movie; one hero car, one stunt car, and one fiberglass shell. Clearly, the fiberglass shell did not survive, but the hero car and stunt car suffered a little damage as well. Thanks to the jump scene that needed nine takes, the hero and stunt car both suffered damage to their suspensions.

Before the movie was released the company who produced the kit car was sold, however the original owner, Neil Glassmoyer, was able to buy back his 250 GT Spider replica. Soon after his purchase Glassmoyer set out to restore the replica to its original condition. Peel back the fiberglass shell and you’ll find a steel tube-frame chassis which was built by an Indy Car Fabricator. Located in the back is a sold rear axle with four-link attachments. The original 1963 Ford V8 was replaced with a 5.7-liter V8 with forged pistons, aluminum cylinder heads, and a forged steel crankshaft. The car is being auctioned off my Mecum Auctions on August 17th in Monterey, California. It may not be an authentic Ferrari 250 GT Spider, but who wouldn’t want to take a ride back to the 80s and spend a day in Ferris Bueller’s shoes? There’s no telling just how high bids will go for this movie car, but if you’re a true Bueller fan, it’s definitely not an auction you’ll want to miss.

(Source: Top Gear)