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Fast 8 Cars Revealed and it’s All About the Ice

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Thanks to a recent Facebook post, we’ve been given insight into key details about the new Fast 8 movie: location and cars. Judging by the photos, the team will be leaving their previously warm and sunny locations for something a little more icy.

The Fast & Furious Facebook page confirms filming in Iceland, and the crew is equipped with the autos it needs to withstand the harsh environments. Thanks to social media, we no know exactly what some of our favorite characters will be driving. Check it out:


True to the favorite bad boy’s classic style and iconic choices, Dom will be driving the Dodge Ice Charger.



Her quick temper and agile driving technique are perfect in the Rally Fighter. (Did you know Michele Rodriguez loves a good track day in real life?) Can’t wait to see her in this one.



He brings the smarts and loves to make sure everything’s safe and taken care of, which makes the Ripsaw the perfect ride for Tej.



Fans live for Roman’s antics, and he’s known for a little flash. The Orange Lamborghini compliments his style and personality well.



We wouldn’t expect anything less than brawn and power from Hobbs, and the Ice Ram will suit him well.


How do you feel about the lineup? Looking forward to the new look and feel for Fast 8 or are you missing the street racing vibe?