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Eric Clapton’s $4 Million Ferrari SP12 EC Spotted

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Eric Clapton is known to be quite the collector of cars, having amassed a collection that includes many Ferraris. For one of his latest acquisitions, he went straight to Ferrari to create a one-off sports car. The result is the SP12 EC, a bespoke car that was inspired by the 512 BB. It has many features that mirror the 512, and TheTFJJ’s latest video gives us a chance to see the two cars next to each other for comparison’s sake. The car was spotted by the YouTuber at HR Owen Ferrari, where it was surrounded by other incredible cars like an F40, LaFerrari, F12tdf and many others.

Going back to the SP12 EC, it’s based around on a 458, which is noticeable when you look at the wheels and exhaust. It’s finished in the beautiful Rosso Fiorano paint, giving the car a nice deep shade of red. As for the name of the car, it’s quite interesting. The name “SP12” may be a bit misleading to some because it’s actually the eleventh Ferrari Special Project Car, according to TheTFJJ. He says that the reason for this is because Clapton’s lucky number is three and 1+2=3, hence the use of the number “12” instead of “11.” Check it all out in the video below.