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DJ Afrojack Drifts His Audi R8

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Afrojack famously crashed his Ferrari 458 after one hour of ownership not too long ago. When news broke of this incident, many said he was an inexperienced driver and some said he just didn’t deserve such a nice sports car.

Well, after the crash he has decided to take some drifting lessons in order to better understand the art of driving a rear-wheel drive car. He decided to learn in his Audi R8 instead of his second Ferrari 458 that he purchased just after the crash.

After watching the video provided below, I will say that Afrojack has learned his lesson and can drift a car pretty well. Albeit he is no professional, but he can still get a car sideways and maintain control. If he would have taken these lessons before he owned his 458, maybe that crash would have never happened.

Do you guys think its a good idea to take advanced driving lessons after buying a high-powered car?