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DeadMau5 Tows Watercraft With Ferrari 458

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A celebrity with a penchant for arriving in style, with a little extra flair, has surprised us yet again.

That celebrity, of course, is Deadmau5. He recently revealed his Ferrari 458 Spider, which was covered in a “Nyan Cat” wrap. Now, he has a water-going vehicle that is flashy in another way.

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On March 24, he posted on his official Instagram page a photo of a matte black 458 Italia towing a Sea-Doo personal watercraft(PWC). While it may seem like a normal PWC in the photo above, it most certainly is not.

The Sea-Doo itself is covered in artwork that features Deadmau5’s logo scattered about. Running along the watercraft are LED lights that can be controlled with a switch. You can see the lights in action below.

What do you think of the combo? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


(Source: @deadmau5 / Instagram)


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