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Deadmau5 Reveals Gumball 3000 MeowClarens

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The 2015 Gumball Rally will be starting May 23, and takes a group of supercars from Stockholm, Sweden, all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada. Well-known celebrities are joining the rally, including Deadmau5, who is returning to participate once again.

One of the biggest parts of any rally is the initial unveiling of the cars that will be used. And on April 28, Deadmau5 unveiled his two cars that will be partaking in the rally on his official Instagram account.

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His team is nicknamed “Team MeowClaren” and it consists of his new McLaren P1 and 650S. The 650S is wrapped in a “Queen of Hearts” vinyl while the P1 is wrapped as the “Ace of Spades.” If you are familiar with playing cards, you will know that this is a winning hand in the game of Blackjack, making it fitting for the final destination of Las Vegas.

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Also joining Deadmau5 on the Gumball 3000 are Diplo, Tony Hawk, Lewis Hamilton, Afrojack, Jon Olsson, Tommy Lee and more. Be sure to stay with us for more information on the rally.


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