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Cubs Manager Joe Maddon’s 1976 Dodge Van

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The skipper managing the Chicago Cubs is none other than Joe Maddon, a familiar face in our hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida.

joe-maddon-van (5)

His love of the game is only matched by his love of all things automotive, and the centerpiece of his collection might surprise you. Just as Cubs fans are some of the most determined and loyal fans in Major League Baseball, fans of vans will also now have a reason to love Coach Maddon.

Earlier this year he brought a stripped but running shell of a once proud Dodge Tradesman to our headquarters. These venerable workhorses had V8 power and rugged construction, which led to their inevitable customization. We’re not ashamed to admit that our team at BLVD Customs has the skills necessary to transform lemons into lemonade, but this build required a fortnight of hard labor.

joe-maddon-van (3)

He pitched us a theme, and after a few calls the team was able to find Tommy Bahama print vinyl and Ostrich leather, along with a few acres of classic shag carpet. After upgrading the alternator for more toys, BLVD added a 24-inch LED tv, Blu Ray player and Apple TV. For audio, our friends at Focal supplied an eight-speaker component system along with a JL Audio XD 800/8 and, of course, a 12TW3 for some bass. Last but not least, a Dometic fridge was built in to keep the drinks cold. The end result was a home run that embodies everything cool about vans.