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Cliff Avril’s G63 AMG With Gold Calipers by Rich B. Caliente

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Seahawks defensive end and Super Bowl XLVIII Champion Cliff Avril has a love for SUVs, and it shows in his new Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG. Personalized by famous Miami-based automotive artist Rich B. Caliente, Avril’s G63 AMG, codenamed #Beast, is one of the finest G-Wagons on the road today.

We recently had the chance to speak with both Cliff Avril and Rich B. Caliente and ask them about their collaboration on #Beast.

Cliff Avril (Source: Seahawks.com)

Avril told us that he has always liked SUVs, purchasing a Cadillac Escalade as his first one after joining the NFL. When he was looking for a second one, he wanted something that was fast, reliable and really looked like an SUV. The G63 AMG fit the bill perfectly.

After purchasing the G63, Avril noticed Rich B. Caliente’s work though pics of previous automotive art pieces posted on social media outlets and became intrigued.

Avril began doing some homework and talking to teammates who had worked with Caliente before. After making contact, Avril and Rich B. Caliente decided to work together on taking the G63 and giving it a personalized upgrade.

It took nearly a month for the two to decide on the perfect design for his new SUV.

“We texted and talked daily for about a month straight, honestly. Sending different ideas and looks,” said Avril in the interview. “It was a long and fun process.”

Rich B. Caliente added, “It was definitely a design collaboration for sure. It was fifty percent me and fifty percent him.” Rich B. Caliente is notably known for working with his customers and creating a truly unique personalized vehicle that matches exactly what the customer wants.


The two decided on the #blackskullz edition satin wrap for the entire G63 AMG, just like the S63 AMG he recently personalized,  and added BRABUS body panels, including the aggressive front bumper, complete with 12 LED lights. To keep with the dark exterior tones, each of these accents were ‘smoked’, including the running board and exhaust.  Rich B. Caliente stuck with the color them so well, he even finished the front and rear emblems in matte grey. A set of 24″ Forgiato Drea wheels in a copper graphite finish were placed on the car, wrapped in Toyo 295/35/24 tires.


Behind these wheels are 23k gold brake calipers featuring the “XLVIII” roman numerals, representing the Seahawks win during the 2014 Super Bowl. “The gold calipers are more of an accent for this car, as opposed to the center piece,” said Rich B. Caliente.

Inside, a black designio leather interior continues the car’s exterior color theme.

Matching this car is the $4,500 SNPVDSATND watch in a satin finish by Ice Link. Rich B. Caliente spotted this watch and noticed it had the square styling of the G63 AMG and  matched perfectly.

“The shape of it was similar to the truck and they really went together,” said Avril. Rich B. Caliente noted that he saw the watch as an extension of the SUV’s styling and felt it would allow Avril to feel a connection to his G63 at all times.


As of right now, Avril also has a BMW M6 in his garage, as well as a Range Rover. He told us that he currently has his eye on either a Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG or Ferrari 458 Italia next. We hope that whichever it is, it will have a touch of Rich B. Caliente’s magic as well.

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