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Chris Harris is Scared of the Ferrari F12tdf

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You can’t deny the F12berlinetta is a potent machine, but it takes a British accent to fully appreciate the new F12tdf. Limited to only 799 cars, this masterpiece is a response to the Aventador SV with a few nice upgrades. Intake and exhaust systems are new, which takes horsepower to 780 and torque to 520 lb-ft. I never had to opportunity to push our F12berlinetta anywhere near its limits. But it didn’t take much seat time to realize that having a big V12 just behind the front wheels makes for a nose-heavy car.

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Understeer is a terrible menace because it simply takes the fun out of cornering. Ferrari has eliminated it by increasing front tire width from 255mm to 275mm, and adding steering to the rear tires. No matter how advanced your differential and traction control software are, the ability to instantly change the angle of the rear tires makes up for any other handling issues. All 799 cars have been sold, but we know a great resource to find the next best thing. Please allow Mr. Harris to showcase the finer points of the F12tdf and stay with us for all your Ferrari news.

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