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Chris Brown’s “The Dark Knight” Aventador Before & After

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At the beginning of this month, on June 3, Chris Brown and Jc Customz both began posting photos to Instagram of Brown’s Aventador after some special treatment.

chrisbrown-aventador-063015 (4)

His Aventador LP700-4 became “The Dark Knight” after its original orange color was covered and its entire structure modified. DH Wraps gave it its matte black appearance, Misha Designs’ body kit made it more fierce than before and Savini’ Wheels’ 18k gold Forged SV59-D wheels added an exclamation point of color, all supported by Pirelli tires. Jc Customz assembled the final product.

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A post to Savini’s news and blog site shared the details of its construction and photos of the final result, while some posts from Jc Customz to Facebook April 10 and 28 give us a good look at the Aventador from Lamborghini Newport Beach before undergoing its transformation. Misha Designs also shared a photo of the finished Dark Knight June 23 to their page.

Check out the before and after shots of this Lamborghini below, and when you’re finished, find yourself another Aventador from Lamborghini Newport Beach by browsing their listings at the button below. When you find your perfect car, let us know in the comments what your plans are for customization.

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(Source: Facebook, Savini Wheels)

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