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Brandon Marshall Bets His Porsche 911 with Antonio Brown

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Just last week we showed you guys Antonio Brown’s new Rolls-Royce Wraith covered in a Steelers livery. Today, We’re here to tell you that Brandon Marshal just bet his new Porsche 911 against Brown’s Wraith.

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In a video from @bmarshall on Instagram, Marshall tells Brown that whichever of the two get lower receiving yards by the end of the 2016-17 season must give up their car. So, if Brown outperforms Marshall, he gets the 911. If Marshall outperforms Brown, he gets a Wraith. For comparison’s sake, Marshall had 1,502 receiving yards last season with the Jets, while Brown was good for 1,834 yards with the Steelers.

With over 300-less yards last season, Marshall seems to be pretty confident in himself for this upcoming season. But, who do you think will win the wager? Better yet, do you guys even Brown will accept the offer? According to TMZ, he’s down, as long as Marshall gives him a call.

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