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Alfred Morris Still Drives $2 Mazda, Even After $3.5 Million Contract

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Generally, athletes pride themselves on flashy cars and big homes, especially when they resign contracts with major teams. But Cowboys running back, Alfred Morris, doesn’t play by the same book.

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Fox Sports reports Morris and the Cowboys recently reached a two-year, $3.5 million dollar deal, but you won’t see Morris flashing a shiny new car anytime soon. In fact, he still drives his 1991 Mazda 626. What’s even more impressive is the story behind the Mazda. Fox Sports reported Morris purchased the car from his pastor when he was a junior in college… for the discounted price of $2.00.

He named the car “Bentley,” and it has been aptly adorned with a Bentley license plate. He’s made a commitment to “drive the car till it dies,” Fox reported he told Five Points Blue.

Source: Instagram/@thoroughbred_fred

To make sure the car has a little bit more life left in it before it does “die,” he had the car entirely stripped and possibly rebuilt a little under three years ago. You can see a picture of the car stripped bare just above, posted on his Instagram account.

Source: Instagram/@thoroughbred_fred
Source: Instagram/@thoroughbred_fred