Aventador Celebrity Cars Lamborghini Photographer's Perspective

Afrojack’s Lamborghini Aventador SV Photoshoot by Bas Fransen Photography

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Article and Photos by Bas Fransen Photography:

A couple of months ago I met the sales executive of Lamborghini Holland. This was during an exclusive event where I was with a customer of mine, together with his Lamborghini Huracan.

The Lamborghini executive heard some stuff about me, from my customer, because I did a photoshoot with his Huracan. After that, the sales executive promised me he was going to invite to the Lamborghini Holland building pretty soon to photoshoot something special.

afrojack_aventador_sv_01042016 (5)

A couple of weeks after the first meet, he invited me to photoshoot the first Lamborghini Aventador SV in Holland, not knowing it was DJ Afrojack’s.

The day that I was shooting the Aventador, I forgot my camera stative, so I had to photograph the car with just a steady hand.

A few days later, I was already finished editing some shots, so I sent them to the Lamborghini sales executive. He was really amazed and liked the photos a lot. Days later, even Afrojack shared one of my photos on his Instagram. This is when I actually found out it was his car! This was during my vacation, so friends began texting me about Afrojack sharing my photo.

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