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duPont REGISTRY Cars and Coffee September 2014

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September along Florida’s gulf coast offers great weather, most of the time. Just in case, each month we plan for a rainy day, which is what we experienced over the weekend. Potent precipitation from a stalled cold front blessed us by transforming our parking lots into a scene from Waterworld.

Not deterred by standing water, our hardcore regular attendees arrived just as we set up the coffee and concessions inside the garage. Our friends next door at Rally Convenience Store arrived with a mobile kitchen, which offered biscuits and gravy, smoothies, yogurt and several other breakfast staples. Their gift of a $50 gas card was raffled off to one of our attendees, who donated it to our Toys For Tots Campaign.

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Inside the showroom, our new furniture from PitStop Racing was arranged to form an ideal automotive themed office. The rain kept the crowd inside, allowing camaraderie amongst the spectators and a chance to examine a 2014 Gallardo Spyder from Lamborghini Sarasota. Shooter’s World of Tampa occupied the bar with a new Barrett .50 caliber semi-auto rifle equipped with a large suppressor.

The rain finally subsided around 9 am, and we decided to test the amphibious aspect of the Argo 750 HDi. A machine designed for inhospitable terrain, the Argo felt at home ripping through the flooded storm canals (video). Overall we had between 80 to 100 cars in attendance, and we made the best of a rainy situation.


Gallery by Michael Bartley

Gallery by Brut Photography

Gallery by Santos Figueroa