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duPont REGISTRY Cars and Coffee: May 2016

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Florida in the month of May is a reminder that we only receive two weeks of cool weather each year; Spring Training is over, the snowbirds have migrated back to the rust belt, and Hurricane Season is upon us. Cold fronts seem to stall out just to our north, which made for a humid Saturday morning for this month’s Cars and Coffee event. Near 100% humidity kept some of our regulars at home, but a visit from a rare custom drew in spectators from as far as Naples.

For the first time at our headquarters, the Covington Tiburon made quite a splash. It was the brainchild of a local St. Petersburg industrial designer who made aerodynamics his top priority.

To showcase their latest medical massage chair, Luraco sent us their latest iRobotics 7 chair. It has theater quality sound and arrives pre-loaded with several relaxing tracks. Heat, shiatsu and inversion are among its attributes.

Handling the concessions this month was our new local favorite: Buddy Brew. With their own take on chocolate, espresso, croissant and coffee, it was a great way to start the day. One of the best aspects of this month’s show was the organization between the local car clubs. From Porsches to Pontiacs, everyone seems to coordinate their arrival and departure in an orderly fashion. Local dealerships were well represented by Fields Motorcars, Mercedes-Benz of Tampa Bay, Reeves Import Motorcars, Crown Eurocars, Euro Cycles of Tampa, Lincoln Land, and Dimmitt Automotive Group. Pinellas County Sherriff Gaultieri dispatched a vintage 1988 Dodge Diplomat to keep the crowd safe in a vintage theme. It was also nice to know that anyone in attendance could probably outrun it on foot.

While the potential for rain kept many at home, we still enjoyed a great show. If you find yourself in the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area on the third Saturday of the month, come our way for a unique experience. See you next month!

Here are some shots by our local photographers:

Jonathan Fuss

Jonathan Fuss

Tyler Rampersaud

C12 Productions

And our employee shots: