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duPont REGISTRY Cars & Coffee 9/21/2013

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duPont REGISTRY had another successful Cars and Coffee event the morning of Sept. 21 here at the St. Petersburg, Fla., headquarters, and this one was unlike any other.

The event quickly filled up with car clubs, exotic car dealerships and proud guests long before the 7 a.m. start time, when it became apparent that we ran out of parking and overflowed the show into the lot next door that was graciously opened up thanks to our friendly neighbors at BIC.

Amongst the millions of dollars worth of carbon fiber, steel and aluminum was a luxury car not yet available to the public, and a true honor to have as a part of the show. The Maserati Ghibli, which goes on sale later this month, was the focal point of the morning. Resurrected for the second time in Maserati history, the luxury performance sedan is driven by a twin-turbo Ferrari V6 and boasts the best of quality in styling and luxury. Be sure to look for it in our gallery; it wasn’t an easy shot with the crowds frequently surrounding the fair priced exotic. The crowds were also treated to exquisite coffee from our new partner, Melitta.