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Cars & Coffee Recap: June 2016

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For most of us, Cars & Coffee in June is cause for celebration. Only 3 days before the Summer Solstice, we arrived at 5 am to take advantage of the extra sunlight. In typical summer fashion, humidity was at 100% thanks to a cool front the night before. This made for a brief but torrential rain around the bay area. That didn’t stop our fans, both of our lots were packed, with attendees occupying our neighbors at Bic Graphic.

Buddy Brew was open for business as the first cars rolled in, and their breakfast menu should be on your bucket list. Roush made a loud arrival with a new Stage III Mustang. Alfa Romeo-Maserati of St Petersburg brought 2 new 4C coupes to alert every one of their grand opening celebration, and Dimmitt Cadillac arrived in a customized ATS-V. We are thankful for all of our supporting dealers, such as Mercedes of Tampa Bay, Reeves Import Motorcars, McLaren Tampa Bay and Lincoln Land.

Since Teslas can float, they brought out the entire club. One particular Model S happened to have the same color changing paint scheme as a customized McLaren 570S, so Mr. duPont had them face off for a photo op. Thank you to our local photographers for waking up early, we will see you next month!

Mike Nicholls

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Michael Melone

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Eric Henning

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