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The only dedicated online community for the brand new Lamborghini Huracan automobile

HuracanTalk allows owners and those interested in buying a Huracan, and those who just love the car, to talk, chat, and share their experiences with one another.

As this car is so new to the world, literally being delivered to those who pre-ordered them early in 2014 starting late in September 2014, this car is somewhat of a unicorn still…one of those cars so immensely anticipated yet so hard to experience unless you were lucky enough catch a glimpse of one racing by you, or best yet..take delivery of your own Huracan.

As history shows, the Lamborghini automobile, in general, caters to the purist and the aftermarket heavy community. For the purist, this car is meant to not be touched or changed from the factory build. For the aftermarket community and enthusiasts, they can’t wait to start personalizing the car the minute they get it, in fact, they often plan their customizations well in advance of even receiving the vehicle. Currently, there are less than a handful of companies offering aftermarket parts for these cars, and the race for R&D greatness and product introductions is on. We’re sure to see some of the tried and true brands stepping up, but there are also a few specialty niche shops also rising to the occasion.

HuracanTalk caters to both of these extremes. With forums catering to general discussion, performance modifications, appearance and body modifications, exhaust systems, and wheels and tires. Modifications and changes to the exterior and interior components is on the rise, and HuracanTalk gives those select vendors and sponsors a dedicated community of which to explore the possibilities and desires of their prospective customers.


For those not familiar with the automotive forum genre of social media, HuracanTalk provides a place for die-hard enthusiasts to share via pictures, videos, stories, and just about any way a member can think of, their lives that are otherwise centered around the Lamborghini automobile. It also lets others on the forum comment, give advice, and collaborate together on just about any topic regarding the cars.

The free enterprise that exists for site sponsors is targeted at their specialty products for these cars. From threads/discussions about test products, interests, sound clips, pictures, and any other sales related content they can put out, these sponsors know that just about every member and owner has the potential of being a new customer. HuracanTalk doesn’t just let any company sell and market their products though. You must be an approved sponsor and pay a fee to be that level of a member to sell products. HuracanTalk reviews and researches the each applicant thoroughly, to make sure they are truly offering either something unique, or that they are a solid company for its members to do business with.

Forums are moderated by other senior members and sponsors as well, to help make sure the discussions and posts are tasteful, appropriate, and conducive to the level of professionalism expected from a forum of this nature. When you own or want to own a Lamborghini, you only expect the best from life, and at HuracanTalk, nothing but the best and latest content is shared, in a pristine online environment.


Joining the site is easy for general membership. Just browse to and click on Register on the top of the site. Membership is free and required for you to post and get more interactive with other members of the sire, but if you just want to browse and lurk around, joining is not required. If you are a business that would like to become a sponsor, simply become a member and then click the Contact Us link and send us your request. HuracanTalk will then as a few questions, send an application, and review your business and capabilities with its sponsor team before your sponsor application can be accepted.

HuracanTalk has also created other forums on the site for other Lamborghini models such as the Aventador, Gallardo and Murcielago. By adding these to the mix, HuracaTalk is looking to be your one-stop Lamborghini forum and information solution.

We urge you to stop by and browse the site, look at the pictures and already modified cars owners have and our premier sponsors offerings, and see what we’re all about from a first hand experience. You can even get updated on HuracanTalk happenings by friending and following us on our other social media locations on FaceBook and Instagram…in the end, all that’s right in the Lamborghini world ends at

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