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Hennessey Takes his 1,226 HP Cadillac out on Nation’s Fastest Road [Video]

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Now that the nation’s fastest road has opened up in Texas, it only makes sense that someone breaks the speed limit.  And when I say break the speed limit, I mean shatter it into a million pieces.

That is exactly what John Hennessey did. He and Texas Lt. Gov Dacid Dewhurst put this plan together after they bumped into each other.  The purpose behind all of this was to test the TxTag toll tag systems on the toll-road.

To test the systems, Hennessey took out his 1,226hp VR1200 Cadillac CTS-V .  The tag systems managed to capture both the front and rear license plates of the VR1200 as it was going 180 mph.  But the VR1200 didn’t stop there, because it went all the way to 220.5 mph.

Check out the video below to see the run in action!