Cadillac Hennessey

Hendrick Cadillac Now Carrying Hennessey Vehicles

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Hennessey Performance has been an iconic American tuner for years. They take some of the world’s favorite vehicles, especially American muscle, and transform them into incredible displays of high-performance thought to be impossible. John Hennessey, owner of Hennessey Performance, has made past business possible by accepting customer vehicles from all over the United States, enhancing their work and then shipping them back to the customer. Now, they’ve taken a new step.

Hendrick Cadillac in Kansas City, Miss., has begun taking Hennessey Performance built Cadillacs into their inventory. The vehicles are considered to be Pre-Owned, but can be found with nearly no miles on them. The only miles put on are from Hennessey’s regular test trials, alongside miles put on by the manufacturer. While the title may not display “Hennessey,” the HPE package and number can be found on the sticker under the vehicle packages.

Hendrick Cadillac will be receiving both the Cadillac Escalade HPE575 and the Cadillac CTS-V HPE700 from the Hennessey team, and will be offering them for around $24,000 more than the original price. Considering the performance offered behind these vehicles-turned-supercars, it’s more than worth the price. Below, you can see the video from John Hennessey regarding the vehicles being offered at Hendrick Cadillac, and even get the chance to see what it’s like riding along on Hennessey Performances’ test track.

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