Finish First Polish: “Pinky” The Cadillac

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We recently showed you how Finish First™ made our daily driver – an X5 – look brand new. Swirls and minor blemishes are much less visible and it has a “wet” looking shine. The test on the X5 was our first experience with a polish of this caliber. We found out the secret is in the sauce.

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A few recent advances by Finish First’s chemists have allowed for the combination of a non-abrasive cleaning agent along with a proprietary polish agent.  Not only will the cleaning agent remove the oxidation and surface contaminates, but the polishing agent will leave a perfectly finished surface.

Pinky-Cadillac-022415 (3)

Since the X5 has factory base/clear paint, we thought it important to find out how Finish First™ works on older paint.  So we decided to try the product on Publisher Tom duPont’s 1959 Pink Cadillac, which has several coats of acrylic enamel. The classic duPont single stage paint that was the mainstay of the automotive world and is incredibly tough as long as it’s well maintained.

Pinky-Cadillac-022415 (7)

This classic is used for parades, weddings and our annual Toys for Tots campaign. Since this car is usually covered in carnauba-based waxes, we were curious as to how a new polish would make her shine.

Pinky-Cadillac-022415 (1)

After a wash with diluted dish soap to strip the carnauba we applied Finish First™ and waited 2 hours. The random orbital makes easy work of removal and what was underneath amazed us. It’s 1959 all over again. This old girl is now ready for cruising and distracting everyone else on the road. We also applied the polish to the parade covers and the painted steel dash, and the results were just as impressive.

Leave the wax behind, the polish of the future is here.

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