2016 Cadillac CTS-V: 640 HP and 200 MPH

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It was inevitable; Cadillac’s super sedan has returned. They released specs and images of the upcoming third generation of the CTS-V in a press release Dec. 21. It has been a decade since the first generation V was blessed with the 5.7L 405 HP LS6 V8 from the Corvette Z06. The motoring world was shocked that GM added big Brembo brakes and a six speed manual transmission to a somewhat normal sedan. For an encore, the supercharged 6.2L from the ZR1 was detuned to only 556 hp save the driveline and powered the second generation V from 2009 to just a few months ago. It spawned a coupe and wagon variant that have become instant collectibles due to their limited production numbers.


The third-generation CTS sedan launched last year and our friends at Motor Trend awarded it their car of the year. By adding two turbos to their 3.6L V6, a new Vsport trim level was offered with 420 hp, but enthusiasts were left waiting for the return of the king. With the launch of the HellCat, development of the new V was prolonged, so Cadillac kept building the previous generation V coupes and wagons alongside the new sedans. Videos from the Nürburgring showed heavily camouflaged test mules being flogged by engineers and we speculated as to what would be under the hood.


True to form, the third generation has borrowed from Corvette’s top model with the 640 hp LT4 from the new Z06. Brembo brakes are also onboard with 15.3″ rotors up front. Rear wheels measure 10″ wide and will have a difficult time with 630 lb-ft of torque. We bid a silent farewell to the manual transmission, as the eight-speed automatic is all they are offering. The chassis has been stiffened by 25 percent and is controlled by the third-generation of Magnetic Ride Control. In a new twist, several aero enhancements are optional. Carbon fiber is used for the hood, splitter, rear diffuser and a trunk mounted spoiler to keep this 200 mph missile glued to the road.

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Many have said that upcoming fuel economy standards will force the big automakers to abandon the horsepower wars and leave cars like these to the aftermarket, but thankfully it seems far off. This new CTS-V will formally debut at the Detroit auto show and production will begin in a few months. If you have been considering a second generation V, expect prices to plummet as the third generation begins hitting the streets.

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(Source: GM)

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