Cadillac XT5 Introduced Suspended from a Helicopter

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In a stunt that will surely go down in marketing text books for generations to come, Cadillac swept through New York Fashion Week with their eyes on one particular prize: winning over millennial consumers while introducing a new model.


Yesterday, Sept. 9, Cadillac hosted an event near the Hudson River in honor of fashion week, where an alliance with New York-based Public School clothing was introduced. But the guests at the event didn’t know that there would also be a different kind of model arriving. A video shared on the marque’s Facebook page today shows the quick preparations for this show, which took most everyone by surprise.

The new XT5 was driven onto a platform that was attached to the bottom of a helicopter. It was then flown above the Hudson and toward the Public School event, where all lights were turned off and the car, headlights shining, flew by the window filled with cell phone lights. As Bloomberg reported today, the helicopter used was military grade, and the New York Police Department completely shut down the West Side Highway for the stunt.

A new venture. Last night, we announced our alliance with Public School and introduced the first-ever #Cadillac #XT5.

Posted by Cadillac on Thursday, September 10, 2015

If you’ve ever driven down the West Side Highway, you know that shutting it down is no easy feat. But that’s not even the most impressive part of how this was able to come together.

“It was the first time in 15 years authorities have allowed cargo shipments in the airspace above Manhattan,” according to Bloomberg. But all of this worked well to capture the attention of the young crowd inside, described as being “composed almost completely of stylish, under-30 professionals and downtown creative types rather than the standard, suit-wearing auto show fare.”


A few additional photos posted to Cadillac’s Facebook page today show us the XT5 from a few more angles, but we won’t see the final results any time soon – it won’t be on display at Frankfurt, so we have some time to wait before we learn more.

Stay with us to keep up with developments as they are released about the XT5, and find your own Cadillac from their current range from our exclusive listings.

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(Source: Facebook, Bloomberg)

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