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Aspire Automotive at Dimmitt Automotive Group

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Those with a penchant for personal flair and high horsepower are no strangers to Tampa Bay, or to the dedicated team at Dimmitt Automotive Group. Specializing in the sale of luxury and exotic cars through their dealerships around the bay area, Dimmitt has paired countless enthusiasts with their latest collector’s item. But for many, stock options, even in luxury cars, just don’t quite delivery the experience that they want from their car.

That’s when Dimmitt calls out to their subdivision dedicated specifically to customization – Aspire Autosports. “Founded in 2012, we at Aspire Autosports pride ourselves on providing the best in custom wheels, tires, body packages, performance packages and accessories,” their website describes.

Iron Man Aston Martin Vantage V8
Iron Man Aston Martin Vantage V8

Those who attended the 2014 Tampa Bay International Auto Show were able to get a glimpse of Aspire’s work first hand. On display was the world’s first 2015 Escalade in White Diamond paint, with luxury trim level. It featured custom fabricate 7-inch Fabtech lift kit, 22’’x12’ American Force Nightmare rims, custom painted white and black FP series, a black heavy mesh grill, tinted windows, custom black trim accents and a custom slotted rotor big brake kit. For those interested in one of these Escalades, this whole package comes to a total of $99,785.

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Next to the stunning Cadillac SUV was their “Project Goldeneye,” an Aston Martin V8 Vantage liquid wrapped in Iron Man Red with a custom two-tone finish and 20” Vossen CVT rims. A fully custom job by Aspire, “Project Goldeneye” is one of one, and comes with a pricetag of $57,900.


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