Constructing a Bugatti Veyron Engine

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The engine of the Bugatti Veryon is legendary. Upon its introduction to the world, it was the first engine created for a production model capable of producing 1,000 hp, signalling a major milestone for not just the automotive industry, but for humankind overall.

But what goes into creating such a monumental feat of engineering ingenuity? The creation of such an engine is an intricately involved process, and as the video above shows us, one that’s completely primarily by hand.

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Uploaded to YouTube March 12 by Cars, this video takes us right into the assembly line of the Bugatti Veyron’s engine, the last of which premiered at the Geneva International Motor Show at the beginning of this month. It’s a bittersweet moment in automotive history, as after 10 years of production, the Veyron has reached the end of its line.

When it was first created, the Veyron engine was a W18, which was later refined to the W16 you see being produced in the video above. In the video below, published to YouTube by Bugatti March 9, you can trace the model’s 10-year history and highlights, including the proclamation of its 0-62 mph time of just 2.5 seconds.

It’s not simply the pursuit of outdoing the next manufacturer that makes a development such as the Veyron spectacular. It’s the fact that this car symbolizes another step taken by humankind to exceed the physical limitations of our natural state.

We as a species have pushed the boundaries of our existence further and further with each year, discovering bit by bit how much more we are capable of. Just as it was marvelous when the Wright brothers first took flight, pushing humans into the sky successfully, it was even more marvelous when the Bugatti allowed us to reach speeds on land never before thought possible.

We look forward greatly to the next incredible creation to come from Bugatti, but in the meantime, find yourself a Veyron and add this chapter of human history to your collection before it too has been surpassed.



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(Source: YouTube via MotorAuthority)

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