Bugatti Veyron Vitesse WRC AWD Burnout

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In celebration of Bugatti hitting 254 mph in the Veyron Vitesse, they created the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse WRC (World Record Car) edition. This model featured an easily identified Arancia orange and naked carbon fiber exterior. It’s cabin also enjoys the orange and black color scheme. But, what’s even more important than the visual modifications is the raw power that the car’s W16 engine sends through its all-wheel drive system.

Displaying the WRC edition’s power was DutchBugs, who performed an AWD burnout their example of the hypercar in Amsterdam. Van Dorp Exclusive Automobiles was on hand to capture the car’s takeoff and uploaded the resulting video to YouTube. You can view this video above. (Don’t try this at home and always be sure to  follow traffic laws.)

The WRC edition is just one of the many special Veyrons that Bugatti has produced. In fact, we have quite a few special Veyrons for sale on You can view them by clicking the button below.

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(via YouTube/TheSupercarKids)

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