Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti is Showing Love to Veyron Owners

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Bugatti is continuing their support for their Veyron hypercar with a new program, Loyalty Maintenance Program (LMP). Just announced, this new program will help “Veyron owners reduce the operating expenses of their super sports car,” according to Bugatti.

Franco Utzeri, Head of Bugatti Certified & Financial Services, worked with their Customer Service department to create the LMP.  “The combination of a confirmed vehicle history, the Bugatti Certified warranty and individual support by Bugatti Customer Service makes the difference for Veyron owners and is more than just a seal of approval,” says Utzeri. “We are committed to providing our customers with a 360° ownership experience that is unique in the automotive world.”

LMP will offer Veyron owners a selection of service packages that are designed to fit their needs and keep their car at the highest level of quality possible. Consider LMP to be the ultimate service program available for the French hypercar. Since Bugatti recognizes the fact that owners of the car use it in many ways, like placing it in a collection or daily driving it, the programs are made to fit the owners’ needs.

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“Many owners enjoy driving their car every day while others see it as an automotive work of art in their private collection,” says Chris Kelly, Head of Bugatti Customer Service. “This means that individual customers have very different expectations of service. We can now meet these expectations much more effectively, in line with our customers’ wishes.”

Bugatti’s introduction of the LMP is the latest sign of the French automaker’s willingness to support the Chiron’s predecessor. LMP is a part of the Bugatti Certified program, which was made to keep all Veyrons up to the company’s standards. When a car is entered into the program, everything is tested and if any problems arrive, they’re resolved if necessary. That includes paint, power output, equipment and more. Once the Veyron is done with its checkup, Bugatti gives it a “Bugatti Certified” seal and an extended warranty is granted.

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