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Transformers Bugatti Veyron Autobot Edition

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It’s not just a Transformer, it’s an Autobot. And not only is it an Autobot, it’s a Bugatti Veyron.

Posted on @EricSteelePhoto‘s Instagram account July 14 is a blue Veyron with a unique blue paint scheme. While the contrasting blues may look like simple shapes, upon closer inspection you’ll see the Autobots symbol smack dab on the car’s hood. Inside, the robotic theme continues, as does the blue color scheme. In between the seats embroidered with the name “Daniel” is an Autobots symbol.

In a article dated the same day, they claim that the car is sitting at the Los Gatos Luxury Cars dealership in Los Gatos, California. They also state that the car is an Asia spec. vehicle and was recently shipped to the United States from Singapore.

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This Veyron reminds us of Autobot Drift featured in the movie Transformers: Age of Extinction, who could transform in a Veyron. Found below is a video of Drift and other supercar Transformers starring in the movie.

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(Photos by: Eric Steele)

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