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London’s First Customer Bugatti Chiron Caught in Traffic

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London’s ancient streets predate the Norman Conquest, and the French have returned for another assault. I don’t know about you, but I really hate parking my Bugatti on the street. One wealthy Englishman has received his new Bugatti Chiron, and the footage is going viral. Finding a safe parking spot in any urban setting can be a nightmare and this upload by TheTTJJ proves the struggle is real. In the swanky neighborhood of Knightsbridge is the Bulgari hotel. Spotted outside was the third Bugatti Chiron to arrive at HR Owen Bugatti of London, and it is capable of stealing everyone’s attention.

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Finished in Bugatti Blue with contrasting carbon fiber, it looks identical to the first prototypes we saw a year ago. To punish such a fine creation by driving on cobblestones might make you cringe, but the HD video gives a new perspective to the car’s finer details. The one-piece brake light and brakes the size of trashcans are noteworthy, but we didn’t expect to be able to see the driver from behind. Zero rear visibility is generally standard in the world of supercars, but the Chiron has a sizable backlight that is split by the spine. Even if its only at idle, the 1,500 horsepower engine has a soundtrack that would make anyone smile. If you can’t wait for yours to be delivered, our dealers have great offers on pre-owned Bugatti Veyrons that are just as impressive. So stay with us as the Chiron hits the streets because you will see it here first.