Bugatti Chiron Videos

Exposed Carbon Fiber Bugatti Chiron Spotted, Proceeds to be Insanely Gorgeous

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Before, we looked at the colors of the Bugatti Chiron, but now we get to see what the hypercar looks like without any paint at all.

NYCarspotter recently traveled to Monaco and, of course, has spotted a litany of rare supercars and hypercars. Amongst those cars was one particularly special one: an exposed carbon fiber Bugatti Chiron. This may be the first time the public has seen a Chiron of this kind, but we all knew that an exterior like this would be produced. Does it live up to what we all expected? You bet.

Not only does the video below show off the exterior and interior of the car, we also get to hear the car start up its massive W16 engine. What do you guys think of the exposed carbon fiber body? Better than any paint out there? Let us know in the comments below.