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A Day in the Life of a Bugatti Owner

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For their YouTube series, SCD-TV, Supercar Driver met up with Bugatti Veyron owner, Carl Hartley, to find out what’s it like to own one of the most iconic supercars to date. Hartley first gave insight into the type of seat he has (comfort) and where he purchased the car (an owner in Vienna) and then went into needing to have the car serviced. Apparently, servicing the Veyron to bring it to tip top shape cost a, “mere 32,000 pounds,” he stated with a bit of a sarcastic chuckle. (That’s an approximate $42,000).

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He also talks about having the ability to drive just about any car thanks to his work, but he always wanted a Veyron. He speaks to the Veyron’s superiority as a supercar and it’s investment opportunity.

He then goes through some of the expenses associated with owning the Veyron, which, in themselves, cost more than some of us make in a year. Insurance apparently equals the cost of, “a nice new car,” on a yearly basis. Driving the Veyron? Like piloting an F16. Check out the full video to find out more about what it’s like owning a Bugatti Veyron.

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