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Some Bugatti Chiron Owners Greeted With A Recall

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Even the world’s most expensive cars have quirks, so owners of the new Bugatti Chiron have received visits by the factory’s “Flying Doctors”. The company learned of a potential defect in the seatbacks, where a weld in the seat’s frame could potentially crack. Nothing about the Veyron or the Chiron is ordinary. From the seats to the tires, every component is engineered for weight savings and optimal performance.

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Bloomberg has reported that a dozen of the first production Chiron’s have been recalled for faulty seat recliner assemblies. Owners are greeted by a technician, who follows the repair process from start to finish. The cars are loaded into an enclosed trailer and transported to one of the dozen Bugatti service departments in the US. A seat might seem inconsequential, but a failure at high speeds has the potential for destruction. Removing the leather and padding can be a nightmare, so Bugatti has opted to replace the entire seat in lieu of attempting repairs. So keep your eyes on the internet for slightly used Chiron leather and stay with us for all your Bugatti updates.

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