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CarMax Appraises Bugatti Veyron Mansory for Hilarious Price

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At CarMax locations, you can have a specialist come out to appraise your car. Upon appraisal, should you choose to accept it, they’ll hand you a check and you’re off on your merry way. When Carmax first introduced this, I’m sure they were expecting your typical car to come rolling through and not a hypercar. But, alas, TheStradman and his friend Houston from Royalty Exotics decided to see how they would appraise a Bugatti Veyron Mansory.

Why? Because why the heck not.

After having a specialist come out to check out the car and go for a test drive, CarMax entered the hypercar into their system. However, since they don’t deal with cars of this significance, they had to enter the Veyron as a 12-cylinder Volkswagen Beetle. That’s. Hilarious. After going through all the pleasantries and punching in all the numbers, the CarMax agent presented Houston with their incredible offer of $200,000. That’s $200k for a $2 million car.

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Why such a lowball offer? The maximum amount they will offer for a car is $200,000 and it’s evident that this car is worth well over that amount. So, you can’t fault CarMax for the low offer as this car just isn’t in their intended market and, according to StradMan, the amount is the maximum the software would allow. But you have to appreciate the sincerity and professionalism of the agent and inspector during the whole ordeal.

It should also be mentioned that StradMan brought his Lamborghini Gallardo to CarMax last year and got a real offer for $80,000 which was around what he expected. StradMan mentioned he was actually impressed with the offer. You can view that video here.

Check out the downright funny experience in the video below.

Originally Published: Oct 14, 2018