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Bugatti Teases Something New

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While other manufacturers are posting their 2019 numbers, Bugatti is looking to the future. It is hard to believe that every Bugatti Chiron for sale is based on a design from 2015. That’s why Bugatti has teased something new on their Instagram page

What emerged as a successor to the Veyron, it spawned the Chiron Sport in 2018, and a hardcore track model named “Divo“. It was followed by the La Voiture Noir last year, and a world-record speed attempt. So what might we be looking at? One theory is another flavor of Chiron.

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Considering the Veyron had over a dozen bespoke versions, it is very plausible. Since we’ve never seen a Bugatti in the rain, our guess is a Chiron Speedster. Who needs a roof at 250 mph anyway? Tell us what you think it is in the comments below and stay with us for all your Bugatti updates.


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