Bugatti Talks About Veyron Successor

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According to a Jan. 15 article on, Bugatti will not be building the ‘SuperVeyron’ or the 2009 Galibier concept. But don’t worry, they are working on a successor to the Veyron.

Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, Bugatti’s president, says that there will be no added  power when it comes to another Bugatti, and that the Veyron’s 1000+ hp output was “enough for the chapter of Veyron and its derivatives.”

Schreiber goes on to say that the four-door Galibier would not work, as it would confuse Bugatti customers. “With the Veyron, we placed Bugatti on top of all super-sportscar brands in the whole world. Everyone knows that Bugatti is the ultimate super sports car. It’s easier for current owners, and others who are interested, to understand if we do something similar to the Veyron [next]. And that is what we will do. There will not be a four-door Bugatti.”

So, the next car to come out of Bugatti will definitely be a two-door and will have less power than the Veyron. What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments below.

(Source: TopGear)