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Bugatti Chiron’s Front End Spotted

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Slowly but surely, details about the newest supercar from Bugatti are making their way to the public light, the latest of which is what its front end looks like.

In a cell phone video shared by AUTO BILD TV to YouTube today, we get a look at the front end of an camouflage-free Chiron as it tries to get around a truck hauling lumber on a narrow road. The iconic horseshoe grille is very visible, as are the same headlights found on the behemoth Bugatti Vision GranTurismo concept car.

From an inset on the lower left corner, we can tell that the original video was filmed vertically, showing off a landscape of snow capped mountains and tall pine trees, with buildings indicating an Alpine region. We caught a look at the rear ends of two Chirons testing in Lavis, Italy on Oct. 30. Lavis is a northern region that looks similar to what’s seen in this second video, indicating that they were likely captured around the same time, if not on the same day.

What do you think of this newest design from Bugatti? Do you think they’ll stick with the Chiron name, or that they’ll announce something different when it’s finally officially unveiled? Let us know in the comments below, and find your own Bugatti from our exclusive listings.

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