Bugatti Chiron Test Mules Spotted at LAX

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There’s no question about the fact that Bugatti has been developing a successor to the Veyron. Those doubts were put to trest with the August 14 release of a video from the marque, asking its viewers to “#ImaginEBugatti.”

And it seems the imagining is getting easier to do each day, as more and more photographers catch glimpses of this new model around the world. Most recently, as AutoEvolution shared Aug. 17, Instagram user hungry_penguin spotted what appear to be Bugatti test mules at the Los Angeles airport.

Two photos posted to hungry_penguin’s account Aug. 16 each show two test mules loaded up and ready for shipping. The caption of one image says there were four in total, “very dirty and wrapped in black.”

“They were there to be privately shown to some of the wealthiest men in America,” describes AutoEvolution’s article, “the sort of people who bought the Veyron and were ‘in town’ for the annual Pebble Beach Concours event.”

Though we can’t confirm that these are, in fact, the Chiron, or that “Chiron” is even the name that will actually be applied to this model, the outline of Bugatti’s legendary horseshoe grille appears on these mules, and the headlight size and shape, or at least what’s alluded to by the car cover, seem right on par with every other recent sighting.

Stay with us for more updates as they are released about Bugatti’s next record breaker, and if you can’t wait for their new model to get yourself a Bug, find one from our exclusive listings at the button below.

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(Source: AutoEvolution, Instagram)

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